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Free Dentistry Day

On Saturday May 21, 2011, I volunteered to provide the dental assisting students of UEI with free needed dentistry. Together with Dr. Charles Mastrovich, Dr. Larry Buss, Dr. Doug Christensen and I, we worked on dental assisting students who needed dentistry but could not afford it on their own. It was an exhausting day but […]

Mercury Fillings vs Ceramics

There has always been some debate about the different types of filling materials used in dentistry. In my office, I haven’t placed an amalgam filling in over 11 years. The primary filling material I use is tooth colored composite or ceramics. Dental amalgams are composed of 50% mercury and the remaining amount is silver, copper, […]

New Dental Website – Dr. Joe N.T. Nguyen DDS

We are so excited about our new dental website! Check back often because we’ll be making updates to the website such as video, new pictures of exciting cases that we’ve done, and of course more blog posts. Please check us out on Facebook and if you’ve visited us before, we would love for you to […]