Here Is Why Our Patients Love Us…

…and why you will too.

Our Patients Deserve the First Word

Your cosmetic dentist in Poway believes that patients should always be listened to and that your opinion matters.

‘‘My husband been bragging about Dr Joe and his team... I finally got the chance to come in. Truly a Five-star Dentist and dental Team. From staff to Dr Joe Nguyen himself. He is Honest, conservative, made me feel so comfortable and I could trust him completely

- LoAnn T.
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‘‘Dr. Nguyen's staff are so friendly and made dentist visits a lot more enjoyable than previous places I've been to. They also have a screen tv on the ceiling so you can watch shows while you're getting your teeth cleaned. This will now be my go-to place whenever I need a teeth cleaning.

- Vants T.
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‘‘Dental work gives me great anxiety, however, coming here somehow isn't bad at all. The receptionists are very helpful when scheduling appointments, the hygienists are very gentle and thorough in their work, and Dr. Nguyen is fantastic overall-professional, honest, and caring.

- Xenia P.
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A Little Trust Goes a Long Way

Honesty and integrity are the foundations upon which our practice is built. We promise not to force anything, but rather will listen, build trust, and work with you to achieve smile results without compromise.

Here’s what to expect.

An actual dental team member to show that our smiling dental team makes a difference

Smiling Faces

An actual dental team member to show that the conversations you have at this dentist in Poway can make a difference

Great Conversations

Dr. Joe, a dentist in Poway, provides a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes a difference

A Warm Atmosphere

A dental team member of this cosmetic dentist in Poway with a patient to show that we have a courteous dental team.

A Courteous Team


All the Comforts of Home

We delight in seeing people who have previously had bad dental experiences enjoying their time with our cosmetic dentist in Poway. One way we make sure this happens is through our plethora of in-office comforts.

  • TVs on the Ceiling
  • Blankets
  • Sun-glasses
  • Our patient and understanding team
  • Same-day Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry (Oral & Nitrous)

You are the Co-Pilot

Dr. Joe uses his co-diagnosis approach to ensure you are comfortable, prepared, and informed before the start of any treatment.

Dr. Joe N.T. Nguyen talking to an actual patient to show that the client is in control at this cosmetic dentist in Poway, CA

Our office is equipped with the latest dental technology, and our skilled staff is fully trained. During your first visit, Dr. Joe will use an Intra-oral camera, which projects a detailed image of you mouth onto the TV screen in front of you. Next our cosmetic dentist in Poway will hand over the reigns by answering all your questions and discussing ALL your options.

We then work with you to create a treatment plan and finally ask you the all important question: “What do you need from us?”


Make Your Informed Choice

We hope that you appreciate our openness and honesty. We would love to hear from you soon.