Dark-haired man sitting on a sofa holding his cheek in pain

Exposed Nerve in a Tooth: What You Should Know

A toothache is an undeniably unpleasant experience that can disrupt your day—even multiple days. Among the various causes of dental pain, an exposed nerve in a tooth stands out as an unrelenting tormentor. Fortunately, if you’re searching for “exposed nerve in the tooth,” we can provide you with information to help you determine if this […]

A celebrity standing in front of lights and cameras

Celebrities With Silver Fillings

Celebrities seem to have perfect smiles as bright as the camera flashes on the red carpet. Their flawless pearly whites become the epitome of beauty and perfection. However, beneath the surface, some famous personalities share a common dental secret — silver fillings. Dr. Joe Nguyen and his team are here to share Hollywood secrets about […]