Invisalign and Bonding

We recently completed a great case that involved Invisalign and composite bonding. This patient had crowded upper and lower teeth. They were also worn down unevenly. After straightening her teeth, we evened out the edges with very conservative composite bonding. Before After

How long do porcelain veneers and crowns last?

Whenever a patient is interested in porcelain veneers, I always get asked, “How long do porcelain veneers last?” Porcelain veneers on average last 15 years but there are a number of variables. If the risk of caries is low and you generally have healthy teeth then they can last a long time. If you clench […]

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Almost everyone has wisdom teeth. Many people have them removed and some choose to leave them. The question is, “should I get my wisdom teeth removed?” Personally I had mine removed when I was 31 years old. Mine grew into a functional position and I used them to chew. The only problem was, they were […]

Dr. Joe Gets His Teeth Whitened

A new teeth whitening system was recommended to me and I decided it was time to whiten my teeth again. I am like everyone else and I love my morning coffee. If there was one thing I could not give up is my coffee. I’m not necessarily into fancy mochas or lattes but just plain […]

Gum Recession and Toothbrush Abrasion

Gum recession is a common occurrence. It varies in different degrees from mild to severe. The causes can be hereditary, aggressive brushing, gum disease, poor oral hygiene, clenching and grinding, oral piercings and crooked teeth. The exposed roots may become very sensitive and susceptible to decay. Recommended treatment depends on the causes of the recession. […]

Do We Need to Floss?

Recently, an article came out from the Associated Press stating that flossing has no benefit compared to not flossing. The article states that since flossing is no longer in the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines then it must have no benefit. Many of my patients have asked me about this article and I think it is a […]