Cerec Dentistry in Poway

I have just upgraded to the latest Cerec Blue cam and MCXL milling unit. I had the older version for 5 years and it has served me very well. I have milled a few thousand dental restorations on the older unit but with all the improvements in the new system, I thought it was time to upgrade.

The new unit captures 3d images of teeth so much faster and easier. The PC running the software is lightning fast. Designs of the restorations is easier. The new milling unit is bigger and faster. It just looks like a more robust machine. I’m so happy with the new Cerec.

If you didn’t know what a CEREC was, it is a new way of making ceramic dental restorations. A 3d scanning camera captures images of the teeth. Using the CAD-CAM software, I am able to design a new crown or veneer or onlay. When the design is complete, the data is transmitted to our milling unit. It has 2 motors and burs which will mill a ceramic block into the shape of the new crown. The new crown is then bonded to the tooth and the treatment is finished. Treatment is usually completed in about 1 hour.

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