Mercury Fillings vs Ceramics

There has always been some debate about the different types of filling materials used in dentistry. In my office, I haven’t placed an amalgam filling in over 11 years. The primary filling material I use is tooth colored composite or ceramics.

Dental amalgams are composed of 50% mercury and the remaining amount is silver, copper, tin and zinc. Even though amalgam is great at filling in holes, it’s not very nice to have a black filling in your tooth. Also, there has been enough controversy surrounding the safety of mercury in our bodies.

Sometimes, we do remove amalgams from patient’s mouths for dental or esthetic reasons. When we remove these mercury fillings, we follow a special protocol so that none of the mercury that is released from the filling is ingested by our patients.

With our new tooth colored fillings, teeth are restored to their natural beauty and the mercury concern is addressed.

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